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Gates of Glory Ministries
Your Destiny

Thank you for visiting our page about Conferences!
God spoke to me that He is raising great leadership in Africa; particularly in Zambia. Those people who were looked down upon, despised and isolated are the one's God is raising in Africa!
There is alot of stuff in our land - Africa; especially: respect, honor, communal spirit, oneness and forgiveness. Great and powerful churches are emerging from townships, cities and rural areas. Churches from so called previously  disadvantaged communities are building communities and building huge structures that cost millions - all to facilitate the peoples of the communities into 'Getting Hold of Destiny'.
For the very first time, we are introducing & hosting "Your Destiny" conference in Zambia. We hope and pray that this will be an annual event where His people will be refreshed and revived!
Our theme this year is;
"Getting Hold of Your Destiny".
"Your Destiny" Conference is an initiative of Gates of Glory Ministries and The Practicing Christian Outreach Trust - working together with many local ministries and Churches.
Come along and be inspired and Revived as you sit under the ministry of the Holy Ghost thrrough His servant Evangelist/Pastor. Brian Dickerson.
In His Grip and love,
Pastor/Evangelist. Justine Likuka

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