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Gates of Glory Ministries was co-founded by mature Christian leaders from different walks of life.

Gates of Glory Ministries is a ‘multifaceted, non-profit, Christian organization’ that is dedicated to the uncompromised preaching, teaching and demonstration of the gospel of our Lord Jesus the Christ. It is a “Word centered” fellowship of Christian believers with an international world vision.


The Gates of Glory Ministries, in obedience to Jesus Christ her Lord, is committed to being holy people of God in the world and to building His Church by worldwide evangelism, discipleship and multiplication of growing churches, developing of communities,  all to the glory of God.

Matthew 28:18‑20; 1 Peter 2:9-10

With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith. Believing that in Christ all things are possible!

We invite you to become a part of the people on the move for the cause of the gospel today, and a piece of its history tomorrow.


Gates of Glory Ministries is a place specifically structured to serve your unique and personal needs in these challenging and changing times. Many lives have been transformed in the congregation, and the testimonies thereof validate this.

At Gates of Glory Ministries, you will enjoy:

  • An atmosphere charged and concerntrated by friendly, vibrant and homely people like you
  • Practical, positive and life changing messages that will motivate and encourage you to get hold of your destiny every week
  • Trustworthy friends ready to accept you just as you are - begining covenantal relationships with them all
  • Soul-lifting gospel music performed with an unmistakable touch of excellence and God's power
  • Raising your young ones up in a Godly manner under the care of our devoted Sunday School Staff and also helping them grow into men and women God ordained them to be 

Revivals arround the World

Gates of Glory Ministries * Ndeke Township * Ndola * Zambia * 10101